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The Former Eriskay School


Eriskay School – Its Origins

On Eriskay, the historical buildings of wider importance are the Eriskay school and St Michael’s church. Both of which have moved from their original locations on the island.

The first smaller school is shown on the 1882 map in a location to the northeast of the present location in the Haun. Unfortunately, we have no records of the pupils attending the school in the Haun, possibly as it wasn’t compulsory to attend school at that time.

While the exact opening date of the Eriskay school remains unclear, local sources suggest it opened between 1888 and 1895.


PHOTO-----Photo above is an old croft house in Baile, Isle of Eriskay with Eriskay School in the background - 1895. The photo below is a close up of the school in this photo above.

The Disposition by John Gordon Esquire of Cluny, dated 18th February 1876, provides valuable insight into the school's history, and the passage of the Education Act in 1872, mandating compulsory school attendance for all pupils, further supports the timeline, although construction of the school likely took several years after the passing of the act.


DO WE NEED MAP??_____It first appears in its current location on the maps in 1888, however, the first official school Admission Register, which we are aware of,

dates to 1895, therefore we would assume that this would be the opening date of the Eriskay school.


In 1946, work started on the erection of the school canteen, the extension (Room 1) and the Horsa, (known as “The Building” to some pupils). Constructed post-war by George Wimpey & Co, who won the contracts for several HORSA structures and corrugated rooms for school projects across the Outer Hebrides. Wimpey built several throughout the islands, all following the same design.


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